Check your spam folder and if you still can't find it email [email protected]
Yes, just send them the email you received, or ask them to say your name on the door.
There is a lost property basket here which you are welcome to investigate. We don’t have the staff resources to search for lost property ourselves. Because we accumulate so much stuff which we don’t have room to store, this will be given to charity about once a month.
We can’t do refunds as we rely on the expected ticket sales to cover space and facilitator costs. We thank you for you understanding.
You can sell your ticket to a friend or via TicketSwap 
*We make exceptions if you have a ticket to a gong bath and come down with a cough which may be distracting for others.
For events at our main space in Homerton there is very limited parking. Mackintosh lane is double yellow lines so no parking at any time. The street parallel (Sedgwick St) and several streets in the area around Homerton Station are controlled parking zones available outside of 730-1830 Mon-Fri but spots are limited, and some pay and display areas. The best access is public transport, as we are a two minute walk from Homerton Station, situated on the overground.
None of our events in the UK sell or offer psychedelics, although we do promote the cause of their legalisation. You can join the petition here.

Meanwhile our Psychedelic Experience Retreats allow you to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and legal environment.

For frequently asked questions on the experience retreats please see here: