Events by the Psychedelic Society

Events at PSHQ

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Events at PSHQ

Wild Voice

Restless Future: Open Mic for the Conscious Community

Organic Movement & Theatre Lab

The Doors of Perception: Mind Games to Get High

Psychedelics & the Shadow

Winter Solstice Ritual

Inner Visions: A Blindfolded Gig with Pataphysical

Dance in the Dark

Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics

Aldous Huxley and Mysticism for the Masses: A Talk

Sex Club

Psychedelic Dream

Cyberdelics Incubator


Psychedelic Women's Circle: Healing the Voice

Sister's Breathwork Circle

Shroomshop Pro with Darren Springer

Events elsewhere in London

Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change

Events in Bristol

Psychedelic Series: Ritual

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Harmonia – Voice & Sound Healing with Tallulah Rendall (Bristol)

Psychedelics & The Shadow

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Other events

Psychedelic Integration Circle

The Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group

Psychedelic Integration Circle