Psychedelic Tea Ceremony

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An evening to dive into an experience and subtleties of special grade pu-erh tea, with its powerful but calming qi/chi energy and some psychoactive qualities.

Through ritualistic set and setting we try to connect with the spirit of a tea plant, and with a focus on our sensory awareness and the awareness of inner mind we listen to what the ceremonial tea space has to tell us or show us.

The psychoactive compounds in high grade tea make you relaxed and awake at the same time, improving mood and creative thought. They induce an introspective state of mind, and simultaneously encourage our consciousness to freely and very subtly move outwards. Some people compare this experience to high grade weed or well aged premier wine.

The Taoists and Buddhist monks have used tea for centuries for its ability to enhance meditation through its effect on alpha brain waves, relaxation and mental alertness. In the mountain tribes of China tea serves as a mild drug - as a stimulant for social and spiritual interaction, and as a lubricant for artistic creativity.
On the top of these psychoactive qualities many physical health benefits join in, and we can have it on a daily basis.

With a special ceremonial preparing and drinking tea, the space inside us and around transcends, and then there is just one space - a space to dissolve in and to reappear again - to create, and just to be, coming back to the natural state of primordial peace and simple joy.

This event is for a group of max 14 people

Tickets: £22

Please arrive no later than 7.30pm — we might not be able to let you in after the session begins.

Facilitator Kat Bumbul /Sound Mysterium is planning to run a series of practical hands-on workshops about the art of tea: how to use it in spiritual and social practices. The emphasis will be on set, setting, aesthetics, tea knowledge, ritual and philosophical approach. Each gathering would last about 3hrs covering various aspects of the subject and working with different types of tea. If you are interested, please email Kat: [email protected] or [email protected] or follow Sound Mysterium on Facebook for further updates.