The Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group

The Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group

You are invited to attend our monthly Psychedelic Integration Group to share your story and learn more about psychedelics in a safe, warm and supportive environment.

The Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group provides a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for those who have used psychedelics or are considering using them. The group is for people who are struggling to make sense of a challenging psychedelic experience, wishing to share a meaningful one or simply interested in learning more about psychedelics and meeting like-minded people.

The group is facilitated by therapists and clinicians who work with psychedelics in clinical trial settings. We aim to provide a safe, confidential, friendly and comfortable space where people can be open about their experiences and share them with others who may help them achieve a more integrated understanding. We acknowledge that recreational use of psychedelics continues despite a long history of criminalisation. The group does not encourage or condone recreational use but we do provide harm minimisation interventions and psychoeducation to those who make their own choice to do this.

The Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group is held on the first Friday of each month (except for our inaugural January group which will be held on Friday January 18th) at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre between 7pm-9pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled. Meetings begin at 7pm - you may not be allowed to join the group if you arrive late.

Tickets for each group are £15 per person, warm refreshments will be provided. Discounted £8 tickets are available for those on low-income.

*Tickets are non-refundable.

For any further questions or concerns please contact us at: [email protected]


Maudsley Psychedelic Society Integration Group does not provide psychoactive or illicit substances. We do not conduct or promote psychedelic assisted-psychotherapy or integration services outside of approved clinical trials and we do not provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services.


Dr. James Rucker -

James founded the Maudsley Psychedelic Society in 2015 and leads the psychedelic research team at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London. He is a consultant psychiatrist and a senior clinical lecturer in mood disorders and psychopharmacology. He specialises in clinical trials with psychedelic drugs. James is the principal investigator for a 5 year NIHR funded clinical trial exploring the feasibility, safety and mechanism of psilocybin as a treatment for people suffering from difficult-to-treat depression.

Nadav Modlin -

Nadav is a psychological therapist in private practice, based in London. He is a member of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King's College psychedelic research team and is working on clinical trials studying the efficacy of psilocybin to treat depression. With extensive experience in facilitating integration groups, he also offers individual integration sessions for people who are struggling to process psychedelic experiences.